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Cardinal Tree Service of Louisville LogoFrom the basic tree trimming and maintenance to tree removal, you can count on Cardinal Tree Service Louisville to handle your tree service demands. Whether it’s residential or commercial and development property, we are ready to cater to your needs. Our certified arborists are more than qualified to handle all types of tree services to fit your requirements. Our hardworking crew will not stop until we have delivered exceptional work that is sure to impress you.  We strive to be the tree service Louisville KY property owners call for quality tree care. 

Our Services

We take pride in our wide selection of tree care service that caters to every demand of our customers in the local area. Our tree care intends to give your trees a fighting chance against diseases, infestation, and storm damage, for it to live a long and vigorous life. Whether it’s tree trimming, pruning, tree removal, or stump grinding, count on us to bring you the exact service you deserve. We have the highest level of expertise and skills to get things done. Not to mention, we own the best equipment available in the market to help us with every tree service we perform. When it comes to quality, you can rely on Cardinal Tree Service Louisville to provide you with nothing but the best.

​Tree Analysis

We can help you accurately identify any potential issue that may arise involving your tree. Our professional tree analysis will provide you with an expert recommendation, so you know how to care for and maintain your tree. When it comes to tree analysis, accuracy is crucial. If given a wrong diagnosis,  it could lead to the decline of your tree and its eventual death. Whether it’s your tree’s roots, limbs, or trunk that need a thorough inspection, you can depend on us to give you a correct and professional analysis of your tree.

​Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is not only performed with aesthetics in mind. Proper tree trimming is done for a number of reasons, including health and safety. At Cardinal Tree Service Louisville, we ensure that your tree gets all the benefits of trimming while keeping it in good shape. You can rest assured that we can bring out the best in your tree, once the trimming process is done. Expect your tree to grow to a more beautiful and healthier one. We are your partner in bringing the best quality tree trimming service in the city.

    Tree Removal Service Louisville KY

    Emergencies happen, and we can’t do anything about them. No matter how much we try to avoid it from happening, we are nothing compared to Mother Nature. For this reason, we do our best to provide prompt response to our clients who face emergency tree service. We understand how frustrating and overwhelming it is to deal with fallen trees or downed power lines, which is why we provide 24-hour emergency tree removal service to alleviate you of the hassles and stresses brought by a storm-damaged tree. Call Cardinal Tree Service Louisville, and you can rely on our quick and efficient emergency tree removal. No matter the time of the day, you can have the peace of mind that we will be there for you. We are the tree removal Louisville, KY property owners call for quality tree care. 

    ​Tree Stump Removal

    Tree stumps don’t only make an unsightly addition to your yard, but it can also pose a threat to you and your family’s safety. It takes up precious space in your yard that can hinder you from maximizing the area. If you need competent and safe stump removal service, look no more because we can offer it to you. We can either grind the stump down to the ground or use our backhoe to unearth it along with its roots ultimately. You will be surprised by the result of our expert stump removal service because you will not see any trace of the old stump in your yard.

    Tree Trimming Louisville KY

    You want your trees to grow and develop its limbs and branches. But it’s a different story when they begin to overgrow and become too close to your house or power lines. Overgrown branches also cause the tree to be lopsided and result in falling in a storm. If your trees begin to overgrow, don’t wait too long before you take action. You can call us and bring the matter to our attention, and we will take care of everything. We have expert pruning and crowning services that can correct the health of your tree and prevent it from being hazardous. We will treat the job with the utmost professionalism from the beginning until the end.  Call the tree trimming Louisville, KY property owners have trusted since 2010. 

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    ​Bush Trimming

    Whether you have a single bush or hedge that you want to be trimmed or a large-scale lot clearing project to prepare your land for future construction, we can help you make it happen. We can ensure you of fast and high-quality results using our state-of-the-art equipment. We bring you the best bush trimming service at a price that will not cost your arms and legs.

    Contact Us for Assistance

    We want to assure you that whenever you need professional tree service, we are just a call away. No matter your concern is, whether it’s basic tree maintenance or more complicated tree removal, you can count on us to provide the same excellent work like we always do. When you get in touch with us, our friendly representative will get your concern, and we will immediately address the matter. We will send our certified arborist to your property to assess the situation and offer a free and detailed estimate. We will get to the bottom of the issue and offer you the exact service you need. 

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    Our Services

    We offer a full spectrum of tree services to cater to all your tree needs. We can provide you with the correct analysis of your tree’s health, trimming, stump grinding, as well as 24-hour emergency tree removal for when you need it the most. You have every option necessary to keep your tree healthy and safe. You only need to make that call, and your tree problems will be taken care of. Through the years, we have shown our dedication to quality tree service, and we will keep putting our best foot forward to ensure your satisfaction. We deliver reliable tree service without charging you too much. We have the most affordable and competitive rates in the city. Whatever the aspect of your tree’s health is involved, you can rely on us to bring the same level of competence and knowledge to the table. We are your expert tree service in: 

    • Tree Analysis
    • Tree Removal Service Louisville KY
    • Tree Trimming
    • Emergency Tree Cutting
    • Tree Stump Grinding and Removal
    • Tree Pruning and Crowning
    • Bush Trimming

    You only need to make that call, and our dedicated tree experts will handle all your worries about your tree. Cardinal Tree Service Louisville is a proud member of the local community, and our goal is to provide excellent service to every property owner in town. Whether your tree is beginning to show signs of disease or its limbs are overgrowing, your reliable tree service can get the job done quickly. If your tree is beyond recovery and needs to be eliminated, we can bring our heavy equipment and safely remove the tree in question. No matter how simple or complex your concern is, we can be your partner in bringing exceptional results. Make the right choice by getting in touch with our professional team.

    About Us

    Trees are a valuable addition to any property. They bring so many benefits that it may take us an entire day to enumerate. Trees give us the air we breathe. It offers shade on a hot summer day. It absorbs carbon from the atmosphere. It simply makes the world we live in much better in so many ways. We owe trees a lot which is why it is just right for us to provide them with the proper care they need to thrive. As a typical homeowner, you may not have the skills and knowledge to provide your tree with the attention it needs. This is the reason we were founded—to bring quality tree service to all our loyal customers. We have spent years learning the ins and outs of tree care and maintenance. We also gained experience in the practical application of this knowledge so we can bring exceptional tree service to all our clients. 

    We offer a full range of tree services that will cater to your every tree concern. Remember that your reliable tree company is just a phone call away. We will help you enhance the beauty and health of your tree, using our innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. There is no small or big task for us because we treat all tree services the same. We take great pride in our ability to tackle all tree-related services, including trimming, stump grinding, and emergency removal. You can always count on us to bring excellent results on your yard. With our skills and expertise, no task is too hard for us to finish. When you are looking for a reliable, fast, and affordable tree service, only go to Cardinal Tree Service, and we will show you what excellent tree service is all about.

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