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Tree Removal

It is crucial to understand the issues involving the trees in your property. You may not be able to identify the problems or potential issues your tree has correctly, but our expert arborists can. Our highly-trained arborists can come to your home and give an onsite analysis of your tree as well as the surrounding site. Tree analysis is the first step in bringing excellent treatment to your trees. Our team has more than a decade of experience in tree care, and we have seen almost all types of trees indigenous to our city, so we can confidently tackle every tree service you need. If you want to understand the current condition of your tree, only turn to the dedicated men of Cardinal Tree Service Louisville. We bring you an accurate yet affordable analysis of your tree’s health.

Planting Planning

We encourage you not to start planting until you have reached out to our expert arborists. Planting takes a careful selection of the species you will put in your residential or commercial lot. Keep in mind that some plants don’t go well with certain types of weather and soil conditions, and you need to find out about these things before bringing them into your yard. Cardinal Tree Service Louisville will assist you in planning which plants are ideal for your type of weather and soil condition. We will make sure you have the perfect trees suited in your area and help you with the installation plans as well.

Pest Inspection

Pests are terrible enemies of your trees. They can completely damage your tree beyond restoration, and they can even invade your home. It is crucial to address them in the early stage of their existence to ensure they don’t affect your trees and other properties nearby. Proper inspection is necessary to identify these pests and make sure they don’t cause troubles in the future. Cardinal Tree Service Louisville can provide you with a high level of expertise in identifying problems with pests as well as the right treatment to get rid of them. We will give you an accurate analysis of your tree and suggest the proper remedy for the emerging problem.

Disease Analysis

When you find out that your tree us diseased, you should not waste time and have it treated right away. This is the reason why proper identification and early detection of diseases is critical for the health of your

    tree. You can count on Cardinal Tree Service Louisville to bring you with an expert disease analysis to help you learn about your tree’s illness and offer the right treatment required. You can count on our high level of knowledge and years of experience when it comes to finding out the root cause of your tree’s disease. We will get into the bottom of the issue so we can give the right remedy for the condition of your tree.

    Removal Options

    Some diseases can be more intense than others which can lead to the death of the tree. When your tree’s health is beyond recovery, the best way to go about it is to have the tree removed. Our team will never resort to tree removal unless we see it necessary. For as long as we see that your tree can still get better with treatment, we will do our best to help it recover. We will not knock down a tree unless we have no choice left. We will carefully plan our course of action and see to it that we have done all we could to bring back its health. When we see that there is no other way around, we will safely remove the tree using our heavy equipment. No matter how simple or complex your tree analysis need is, count on us to bring it to you.

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