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Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is one of the most requested services of Cardinal Tree Service Louisville. Tree trimming allows you to deal with health issues involving limbs and foliage. It is also a great way to address health problems before they get even worse. Trimming is used for aesthetic purposes to correct the structure of the tree and keep it in good shape. If you are looking for expert trimming service near you, make Cardinal Tree Service  the number one on your list. We will provide you with a high-quality trimming service to assist the health and beauty of your trees.

Aesthetic Trimming

Trimming does a lot for the health of your trees, but it is also a useful tool to bring back its appeal. We are known in the city for providing skilled tree trimming service that is sure to bring back your tree’s former glory. We have experienced arborists with years of professional experience who will take care of your trees until they have the shape and structure you always wanted them to have. If you are looking to enhance the appearance of your tree without spending too much on professional service, you can count on us to offer you practical and affordable trimming service. 

Vista Trimming

It may be time to trim those limbs that keep you from having a full view of the road, or maybe you want to make sure you can clearly see your kids while they’re playing in your yard—no matter the reason is, vista trimming can bring the results you are looking for. We are a reliable tree service that can provide you with a fast and effective vista trimming service. Give us a call, and we will bring you results that will impress you.

Property Overhang

When your tree starts to grow branches that hang over your neighbor’s yard, you should immediately take action. Scenarios like these can cause conflicts among neighbors, and we want to prevent that from happening. Our expert arborists can help you address this issue without needing to eradicate the tree. We will inspect the tree thoroughly and trim the overgrown branches. We will make sure that the entire tree stays in your yard, and it’s not posing a threat to your neighbor’s safety.

    Weight Reduction

    Weight reduction is one of the things tree trimming brings. Too much weight on your tree’s crown can bring several problems. It can lead the branches to suffer from stress due to the weight of the crown. During an intense storm or high winds, the branches can get damaged or even fall. When you need a fast response concerning the weight of your tree, you can trust Cardinal Tree Service Louisville to bring you a high-quality outcome that will eliminate all the weight issues of your tree. 

    ​Tree Pruning and Crowning

    We offer a wide variety of tree pruning treatments for the unique needs of every tree local to the city. Whether it is canopy shaping or pruning for health reasons, you can count on us to provide you the exact service you need. We are efficient and fast in our response to your pruning requirements. We can turn you unhealthy and unsightly tree into a vibrant, well-shaped one. When you need effective yet affordable tree pruning and crowning service, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will attend to your concern right away.

    Disease Treatment

    It is crucial to determine whether the canopy of your tree is infected with a disease so you can make the necessary steps to remedy it. Don’t wait too long before you deal with it because it can be too late if you do. Make a habit of checking the health of your tree so that you know when treatment is essential or not. Diseases in trees can quickly spread not just to the ones in your yard, but also to nearby areas. This can leave you with problems that wouldn’t have been present should you acted promptly on the issue. We can assist you in identifying disease in your tree and effectively treat it until it recovers. 

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